Calculator Settings

Table of Contents:

  • Moving Calculator Settings
  • Movers Speed
  • Extra Rooms
  • Widget Design

To add or change Moving Calculator Settings go to Settings->Calculator


The First Calculator Settings is the Minimum amount of movers. It will help you to set a minimum amount of movers that will be used by a moving calculator to calculate a moving quote.

The next setting is Minimum Hours. This setting will help a moving calculator to determine what is your minimum hours charge policy.

Loading and Unloading Coefficients help to control how fast movers do loading and unloading. Load factor is used for mover's loading speed (1 is the default), unloading is for unloading speed. Changing these settings will help you to change how fast movers do the job and correct the moving quote. For a better understanding, please contact us.


Movers Speed settings help to determine the speed of moving crews 2, 3, 4 and etc. This setting will help you to correct the moving quote.


Extra Rooms Settings will help you to correct quotes when customers use additional rooms in their quote.