To set up your Calculator go to Settings > Calculator:

There you want to set up the following:

Step 1:

  • Minimum Movers;
  • Minimum Hours;
  • Load Factor;
  • Unload Factor;
  • Long Distance price / hour;
  • Calculator Shadow
  • Input Shadow

Step 2:

  • Movers Speed
  • Moving Services
  • Rates
  • Flat Rates

Step 1:

1. Minimum Movers

On this number depends on how many movers are able to be scheduled for a request. By the default “minimum movers” set up to 2.

2. Minimum Hours

You are able to set the minimum hours of work, that means if your company never plan less than 2 or 3 hours for even the smallest work, the calculator will count the final job time based on the minimum set hours. By the default “minimum hours” set up to 3hr.

3. Load Factor

Load factor directly depends on movers speed. The default coefficient is 1.

4. Unload Factor

Just as load speed, the unload coefficient depends on movers speed, so if you want to increase or reduce movers unloading speed and, as a result, a total work time, you can simply change this coefficient. The default unload coefficient is 0.75

5. Calculator and Inputs Shadows

MovingCRM provides the easy way to manage your calculator appearance, that means you do not have to appeal to web developers to change shadows, buttons, or corners.

Step 2:

1. Movers Speed

All calculations are based on movers speed value in cubic feets / hour. The higher value is -> the less working time demanded. Here you are able to set up speed for up to 8 movers.

2. Moving Services

We understand that some companies do not provide all services in the list, so you are able to control the services you provide.

3. Moving Rates

MovingCRM system provides 5 types of moving rates (Discount, Regular, SubPeak, Peak, HighPeak). After you fill up the rates, you simply choose preferred days in calendar to be counted by the discount rate or by the highpeak rate.

4. Flat Rates

By the default, long distance moving is counted by fixed price / full job time. However, you are able to create a flat rate to any possible destination. For instance:

We are going to create a flat rate from Boston to New York

When the destination is added, you going to choose the size of a move and a price for it:

From now on, the price from Boston to New York for a small 1 bedroom apt is set up to $1150.

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