How to market a moving company?

How to market a moving company?

How to market a moving company?

Many people dream of opening their own business, and if the choice fell on the moving industry – get ready to face many nuances. Such services are in great demand, and as we all know demand creates supply. The first problem faced by new players in the market is attracting customers to their moving company. The moving industry is not an exception to today’s trends, so it is vital to go digital. But how exactly a moving company should use marketing for efficient lead generation?

Catching Website

The moving industry is a highly competitive niche, and most customers are looking for a company surfing their websites. Great design makes people trust you and keeps them in your influence. The bad design creates distrust and forces visitors to leave. Another point that should be taken into account is a clear and convenient interface. Customers are here to gather information about your company, your services, prices, and so on. The more convenient it is to navigate the website, the more likely a potential client will find everything needed and decide to cooperate with your company. 

Important fact: interface and design have a direct influence on the search results. Therefore if a website has a leak of a comfortable and reliable design&interface for a customer, and it has a high bounce rate as a result, such a website will never reach the leading positions in the search engine.

Quote Form

The vast majority of website visitors are looking for a free and quick moving quote. Of course, some of them can find your number and call you, but most customers do not want to spend hours calling companies when they can fill out the form and get an instant estimated quote integrated to your website. By getting an instant quote with transparent price rates, customers more likely will get in touch with your company. MovingCRM provides a moving quote calculator, with a simple and convenient design.

moving quote calculator

Such a moving quote form allows your customers to leave full information regarding their moves, which you can efficiently manage using MovingCRM.


SEO is a set of measures aimed at increasing position in the search results Google, and other systems for specially selected queries. Their goal is to increase web page visits and, accordingly, conversion actions. More top-positions in search engines hence more people visit it. Without SEO, even the highest quality website will be useless: if search engines don’t see content, its existence is meaningless.

Why does a local moving company need SEO? Search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing investments nowadays, which lasts a long time and gives a high return. Main advantages of SEO:

  • launch of a sales funnel. In order to get a conversion, you need to tell a potential client about yourself. A website in the first positions has a much higher chance of attracting a visitor;
  • interested audience. If a person comes to the website on a search query, it is clear that he or she is interested in a certain moving service;
  • Customers trust. Top positions can be compared to prestigious areas in the city. There is a stereotype that successful companies are located downtown. Same to SEO: if a site is in the TOP, then it is one of the best;
  • savings on advertising. Of course, SEO requires a financial investment, but in the long run, it is more profitable than search advertising, hence moving is a high-competitive industry where PPC (price-per-click) can go up to $40.

CRM for Moving Company

Integrating the CRM (Client Relationship Management) system into the moving business management process is important. This step would make contact with potential and current customers simpler and better. You will make better decisions about the deals, notifications, and sales channels used based on consumer data gathered in a MovingCRM. A CRM for moving business helps you to store information, schedule, and organize work better, as well as improve the company’s power. This helps save time associated with the execution of routine actions, enhances internal contact, customer relationships, and the company’s financial performance. Click here to grasp all of the CRM for movers functions.


There are numbers of sources to advertise your moving company, but since moving is a high-competitive environment you should be ready to allocate a significant part of a company’s income for advertising. To understand how much moving lead costs click here. Let’s consider the sources for moving companies to get leads.

  • Google

Of course, most people start their search for a moving company from google. The presence of your company in Google search is vital, but sometimes google paid advertising is just not affordable for a new or small company. The price per click is reaching up to $30 in a high-peak season. Therefore, a budget for Google paid advertising should be planned  $3000-$5000/month to receive at least 150 leads from that source.

  • Thumbtack

Thumbtack may be considered as a leader in Moving leads generation. First of all, thumbtack takes plenty of top 10 positions of google searches for the most high-demand moving search queries! Also, people who use this source have a really good experience, since thumbtack provides a good service for customers to choose a company among 3-5 offers. On the other side, the moving company purchasing leads from thumbtack is guaranteed that leads are real, and if a lead does not respond to the offer, thumbtack returns the money! Moreover, Thumbtack is a great place to collect a company’s reviews. The source is perfect for new, small, medium, and even large companies. 

  • Yelp

Yelp is still one of the leaders in the movers searching field. People tend to trust Yelp and reviews located there. Before Thumbtack occupied most top positions regarding moving services, Yelp attracted the greatest flow of moving leads. Most likely yelp advertising wouldn’t fit for a new company, which does not have any reviews and it is going to be tough to compete with 50+ review companies. Reviews became the biggest disadvantage of Yelp, the source has its own algorithms and permanently deletes or hides reviews for no reason.

  • Referral 

Referrals are the best clients for every business, word of mouth is still the best review and recommendation your company may get. If you have a giant network of satisfied customers, sometimes your company even may not need any other sources to get clients. However, it is a long term process to get your local moving company to the brand people acknowledged. To achieve that level you have to understand the vital:

  • Customer service. Your company has to provide exceptional customer service. Starting from the first call a good manager has to go through the entire moving project with a client
  • Labor service. Be sure that staff is professional and will provide all customers with an efficient, fast, safe, and stressless moving experience.
  • Branding. Make sure that employers wear your company’s branded t-shirt, hoodies, etc. Special attention pay to trucks, branded trucks shine among other transportation vehicles.
  • Email marketing and Reviews. Do not forget to send follow-up emails to customers asking them for a review when the job is done. 

There are also free sources to market a small moving company, click here to get acknowledged.

Blog on Moving Topics

Content marketing rocks, moving industry not an exception. Post articles on moving tips, memorize your customers’ frequently asked questions and write an article with answers. Moving is stressful, people are searching for advice to complete their moves in the easiest and stressless way. Be there, once one of the potential customers will find your article as reliable regarding his question, most likely you would be the one he chooses.